Let Us Write You Letters

Is there a girl in your life who needs extra love? Perhaps she's struggling with body image, is lonely at school or her parents are getting divorced? Maybe she needs a friend to sit with at lunch or a reminder that she is enough, just as she is? This world can be pretty tough on girls and we want to make it a little kinder. 

Tell us what's going on below and we'll assemble a team of women to send her letters. We promise they will be encouraging, kind and full of love.

Please be sure to read about our mission before requesting letters. We ask that Letter Recipients are between the ages of 5 and 30 years old. Our mission is to pour into the next generation of women and our current Writer population is able to support this age range. 

PS: If you or her parent/guardian would like to review the letters prior to her receiving them, please have them sent to your address instead. We want to make sure these letters are tailored to fit her needs and rely on you to help us with that if necessary.