Jayla, 15 years old

Name: Jayla, 15 years old
Submitted by: Her sister
Location:  Bloomington, IN
What's going on?: Growing up, me and my sisters lost our mom. Jayla was very young and still struggles with the loss because she didn’t get to know our mom as much as my older sister and I did. She craves a motherly love that will replace that missing role in her life. A few months ago she became a mother as well to a baby girl. It was a situation that causes her to struggle but Jayla is doing the best she can for her age.
What do you love most about this girl?: She is so sweet and caring. She is very sensitive but I think these letters would actually help her confidence a lot and show that there’s a lot of people who want the best for her and would love to see her succeed. She’s beautiful and funny and a very loyal girl.
Anything else you want to tell us? My little sister lived in Indianapolis but I’d like to take them to her myself for her birthday that’s coming up. Additionally, she has struggled with being without her sisters after we moved away.

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Letters Needed: 3