Kate, 21 years old

Name: Kate, 21 years old
Submitted by: Their partner
Location: Alexandria, VA
What's going on?: Kate is going to school to be a hair dresser and just passed a semester of classes and is moving up in class difficulty and can cut people’s hair now. Kate is a very confident person but they can get depressed and sad and not really understand why it just happens. They love photography and have a decent following on Instagram and inspire many people like themself to be who they are. Kate came out as non-binary 2 years ago and their parents have had a hard time understanding who they are. It is a big internal struggle of not feeling good enough or worthy enough to be their parents child. But overall, Kate is a determined, hardworking, passionate, loving human being.
What do you love most about this girl?: Kate has the biggest heart in the world. They would do anything for anyone if it made the other person happy. Kate loves with their whole being. They are the most loving and down to earth person I’ve ever met. They have a dog named Teddy, he’s a golden doodle and Kate treats him like a superstar, and he deserves it. Kate is also the most genuine human ever. Unapologetically themselves in this crazy world today.
Anything else you want to tell us?  My partner Kate, does not use she/her/hers pronouns. Kate was assigned female at birth but identifies as non-binary. With that, Kate uses they/them/theirs pronouns. If the amazing letter writers could respect Kate’s pronouns that would mean the world to them. All anyone wants is to be respected and accepted right?

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Letters Needed: 10

Samantha, 30 years old

Name: Samantha, 30 years old
Submitted by: A friend
Location: Crystal Lake, IL
What's going on?: Sam is recently married and her father in law just passed a few months ago. It has been tough on the family. In addition, she has been in and out of jobs for the past few months and isn't sure what's next for her. She knows God has given her many talents to work with kids, but she keeps applying/getting jobs and then they don't work out. I know she's disheartened and I want to remind her who she is!
What do you love most about this girl?:  Sam has a huge heart and has a passion for bringing kids closer to Christ. She coaches soccer, has started small groups with young women, and used to be a teacher. She is supportive, funny, loves baseball and music, and is just struggling to find her path right now. She is thoughtful and loving and makes great connections with people.
Anything else you want to tell us? She loves God and is trying to discern what His plan is for her. I know it can't be easy so I want to encourage her that she's right where she needs to be and to keep her spirits up!

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Letters Needed: 6

Brooke, 27 years old

Name: Brooke, 27 years old
Submitted by:  Herself
Location: Grand Rapids. MI
What's going on?: , I struggle with depression and social anxiety. I am an introverted extrovert and suffer from chronic pain as well. I was in a car accident that took away my love for staying active daily due to the pain. Because I have pain every day, it took my ability away to do the things I love. Living with the pain everyday has made my depression worse and has caused me to lose the confidence I took so long to finally get. My motivation and determination have been hindered due to this and I feel lost in life. Encouragement would be needed.
What do you love most about this girl?: I’m compassionate about life and my job, working with children. I strive to support others and be a positive light in other’s lives and spread positivity wherever I go!

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Letters Needed: 10