Valera, 21 years old

Name: Valera, 21 years old
Submitted by: Her roommate
Location: Mt Berry, GA
What's going on?: She’s an amazing and strong girl who loves God and would really appreciate people praying for her. Earlier this year she began suffering from serious migraines on a frequent basis and she also discovered she is allergic to gluten as well as many other things that make her life harder. Most of her friends, and her boyfriend, are a year older than her and so they will be graduating and she’ll be more or less alone for a year at school and she’s really worried about that.
What do you love most about this girl?: She is so wonderful and caring and selfless. She is an amazing singer and she’s going to become a fantastic PA one day. She is beautiful and strong and she is always there for anyone who needs it, she has been a great comfort to me as I’ve gone through hard times. She’s so smart and loved.
Anything else you want to tell us? She would really appreciate knowing that people are praying for her and she loves Jesus.

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Letters Needed: 11