Danielle, 19 years old

Name: Danielle, 19 years old
Submitted by: A friend
Location: Roseville, MI
What's going on?: Danielle’s father recently passed away in November due to cancer. He had recently gone to the hospital and discovered that he had tumors in his brain and lungs that were spreading and therefor he did not receive treatment. Danielle and her mother did not have much time left with him and are trying to stay afloat despite this tragedy. Danielle is an incredibly supportive and positive friend who deserves so much love sent her way during this difficult time.
What do you love most about this girl?: Danielle is incredibly open-minded and has a unique perspective on the world. She is an adventurous person who aspired to travel and live freely. Danielle’s sense of style is very trendy and she loves to share her talents with others.

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Letters Needed: 2