Emily, 18 years old

Name: Emily, 18 years old
Submitted by: A friend
Location: Cincinnati, OH
What's going on?:  Emily recently has not been feeling enough for certain people in her life. There will be days she is so happy, then days where she feels like she is the only one putting effort into a relationship. She has also struggled with following her heart and the consequences/shamefulness of it. Body image has also been a huge issue as well. She is not one of the skinniest of her friends and this has always bothered her and she’s always wanted someone to push her so she can receive the motivation she needs to start making that happen.

What do you love most about this girl?: She is so caring and kind and is definitely different than most girls in the best way. She likes to think she sees the world in a different view than most people because she has been hurt by friends and loved ones so many times. She is very careful with her words and chooses them wisely. I have always been fond of that because, in today's world, people just say anything. She is very strong and beautiful and deserves more than she has gotten in the past.

Anything else you want to tell us? Grace doesn’t believe in Jesus, but she doesn’t mind it when I talk about him

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Letters Needed: 15