Deidre, 30 years old

Name: Deidre, 30 years old .
Location: Winchester, VA
What's going on: Deidre is a hard working stay at home mom of 3 kids. They're going through a tough time financially and her husband works very long hours. Her mother doesn't have long to live, and her sisters have always had a very hard time with drugs, unwanted pregnancies, putting their kids in foster care, overdoses, etc. One of her sister's babies had to enter foster care because their family couldn't afford to do it. Deidre is heartbroken about this, her mother, her estranged father, and so many other things. She is such a strong person, and is always willing to help everyone else at the drop of a hat.
What do you love most about this girl?:
She loves church and is a natural caregiver. She loves the elderly, animals and children. She is a ray of sunshine in everyone's lives. I have known her since middle school, and she helped me through the very bumpy ride I had in becoming a mom. She's giving, selfless and can stretch a dollar like nobody's business! She also has a fantastic sense of humor and is always quoting The Office. I can't do much, but I'd love for her to know that she is appreciated, loved and a very, very special person. She's a beautiful soul.

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