Sharon, 30 years old

Name: Sharon, 30 years old

Submitted by: A friend
Location: Ontario, Canada
What's going on?: Sharon has been a family friend for years. She always puts others first. She documents all our family events via camera and does it with a joyful smile! She volunteers every morning to go to the local school to help feed breakfast to the kids who need it. Recently, she lost her sister suddenly and unexpectedly. They lived together and she has taken the death very hard. She loves dogs and luckily has one to keep her company during this difficult time. Sharon is like family to us and needs a little extra sunshine to brighten her mood!

What do you love most about this girl?: She is compassionate and giving. She gives of her time to local schools and shows our family tremendous love and support. She is extremely faithful to the Catholic Church and is besties with lots of priests. She has a wonderful sense of humor and loves to laugh with our family. Her love for dogs is also unbelievable...she walks her dog a million times a day and treats him like a human!

Anything else you want to tell us?  She is such a happy person who is grieving and overwhelmed by the sudden passing of her sister.

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