Sarah, 14 years old

Name: Sarah, 14 years old

Submitted by: A friend
Location: Charlottesville, VA
What's going on?: Sarah is one of my closest friends. She is incredibly sweet, kind, intelligent and mature but has struggled in school for a while. She has had trouble finding a group of friends who she can trust as well as enjoying middle/high school. We go to sleep away camp together and the people there are very kind and supportive so going back to reality after the summer has been hard for her, especially not having the support system she needs and deserves. I think she has trouble seeing what an amazing person she is. She has stood by me through middle and high school and is involved in a lot of activities, but has trouble giving herself a break when she needs it and being okay with who she is. I think as a freshman, it has been difficult for her to see the end of what she is going through because there are still 3 more years for her, and she is pretty miserable in school.

What do you love most about this girl?: Sarah is incredibly funny, smart, mature, kind, caring and supportive. Even through her own struggles, she is always there for me and one of the first people to reach out if I'm having a hard time. She takes honors classes and plays lacrosse, field hockey, piano, and stand up bass. She is VERY talented in so many things but remains humble about her abilities. She always puts others before herself and

Anything else you want to tell us? Sarah is not a religious person so it would be best to have non-christian letters. Thank you for writing to her! I think this will really brighten her day.

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