Shay, 24 years old

First name and age: Shay, 24

Your relationship with her: Dearest Friend

What is going on? She moved to New York City with 1 bag and 1 coffee pot. She is a work-a-holic, independent, giving, serious penny pincher, and is upfront and will not cut around the bush. she will tell you what you really need to hear. however, she is very introverted, a home body. she has been in NYC a year now and I can tell she is getting depressed not having made any friends yet. she is lonely and it hurts me to see that.

What do you love most about this girl? She is giving and REAL. She will drop anything for someone she cares about. and she LOVES WINE.

Anything else we should know?: She needs someone to tell her she needs to push herself to meet people or someone to tell her she isn't alone having trouble making friends in NYC. it saddens my heart she is alone all the time except when she is at work. She is young, this is her time to thrive!

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Letters Needed: 15