Jill, 30 years old

Name: Jill, 30 years old

Submitted by: Her niece

Location: Ontario, Canada
What's going on?: My Aunt Jill is a Saint! She is the most loving, and generous person in the world. She is married to her best friend, Steve, and they have adopted 8 beautiful children. She gives and gives to everyone around her, and always puts herself last. She has the biggest heart, and she loves so deeply!

What do you love most about this girl?: Jill is funny and will always be the first one to figure out any riddle. She loves her cup of coffee in the morning and feeding the squirrels who come to her back porch. In the summer, she travels with all the kids and goes camping! She is a rockstar mom and deserves everything in the world! She is a mom to everyone she meets, and she is my best friend!

Anything else you want to tell us? My Aunt is the cool aunt! She loves to bake, knows the trendiest things, and no matter what she will always make you feel beautiful and loved!

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