Irene, 24 years old

Name: Irene, 24 years old
Submitted by: Her friend and coworker
Location: New York City, NY
Whats going on?: Irene is currently applying to Med school for the second time and is incredibly anxious that she will not be accepted into a program. She stopped applying last year and rescinded her apps because she got overwhelmed and was behind the schedule. She is a perfectionist that went to Yale and has high MCAT scores, but has so far only received rejections. She is getting discouraged, frustrated and overwhelmed. She has started seeking some mental help to deal with this process but we wanted to provide some support :)
What do you love most about this girl?: Irene is an amazing friend and coworker who genuinely cares about everyone's well-being and happiness. She is always making sure things are perfect and helping wherever she can, checking in with everyone to be sure that they aren't stressed and offering up ways to resolve any issues. She is bubbly, warm, thoughtful, generous, and incredibly intelligent. We are supportive of her med school ambitions but want her to know that her worth isn't tied to where she is accepted and she will be successful no matter where her path takes her.

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