Alivia, 6 years old

Name: Alivia, 6 years old
Submitted by: Her mother
Location: Rex, GA
What's going on?: Alivia is a girly girl. She has a warm heart and very generous. I would like to encourage her to be herself and not worry about other opinions.
What do you love most about this girl?: She is funny, loves to dance, and is giving. She is always making pictures or cards for others.

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Letters Needed: 15

Emilya, 13 years old

Name: Emilya, 13 years old
Submitted by: Her Aunt
Location: Lafayette, CO
What's going on?: Her mom and dad are divorced and her mom remarried a great guy a couple years ago. Emilya changed schools at the same time and ever since she has struggled with homework, adjusting to the different routines, rules, and expectations between her mom and dad’s house. This has put some strain on her relationship with her mom. However, Emilya’s been making positive changes and progress working with a professional to help her navigate these challenges. She’s also made great strides following rules and being respectful of her mom- doing the things her mom asks of her and talking to her mom in kind and respectful ways. I’m so grateful her mom has put this support system in place. Emilya is very loved by her family and friends!
What do you love most about this girl?: She’s so creative, outgoing, funny and full of life- she has a real zest for life. She’s determined, kind and caring too.
Anything else you want to tell us? She’s an absolute joy to be around and she just turned 13 in December. That can be a difficult transitional age- becoming a teenager. It’s my hope that this encourages her to want to confidently be who she was created to be!

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Letters Needed: 15

Charlotte, 19 years old

Name: Charlotte, 19 years old
Submitted by: Her sister
Location: Davison, NC
What's going on?: Charlotte has definitely struggled with her self confidence and body image in the past few years. I think that right now she is doing better, but definitely still struggles with this confidence as well as a bit of loneliness. She is a freshman in college, and as I am her younger sister, I'm not sure to what extent she still struggles with her confidence but it makes me really sad to see her down and making negative comments about herself.
What do you love most about this girl?: Charlotte is the kindest human being. She is really good with children and works hard to reach out to those around her. Charlotte is empathetic and supportive, and as a sister is always there for me. I appreciate her so much and can't thank her enough for all the help that she has given me. Charlotte makes people feel better about themselves and is always ready to make jokes and have fun. She is super playful and snuggly and is also immensely polite in front of adults and relatives, which sets the standards really high for me and my younger sister! She sometimes acts like my second mom as she always is calling me out to have better manners or say kinder things! Even though I hate it in the moment, she has really made me a better person. She's hilarious, awkward, and amazing. I love her so much!
Anything else you want to tell us? She’s such a great human being. I don't know how specific this is, but I think that these letters should help her to love herself and be more confident but not talk about her actual body - just her amazing traits and how beautiful she is inside and out. As a side note, she is not religiously affiliated with anything so mentions of god probably won't be as helpful.

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Letters Needed: 15

Jennifer, 19 years old

Name: Jennifer, 19 years old
Submitted by: Herself
Location: Waldorf, MD
What's going on?: I am a sophomore in college right now and currently very stressed about what I want to do with my life. I grew up not knowing my dad and then my grandpa, who was my only real father figure, passed away from cancer. I’ve been suffering from depression ever since his passing and I have had social anxiety and generalized anxiety pretty much all my life. I’ve been feeling really alone and down recently like people would be better without me. A lot of people have left me and I feel like it’s all my fault and that no one actually cares. What do you love most about this girl?: I’m a strong person. I’m very caring and selfless. I’m smart. I’m creative. I’m imaginative. A few people have told me I have a beautiful spirit, and that my presence brings a slight feeling of joy. I’m funny. I’m loving.

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Letters Needed: 15

Allison, 20 years old

Name: Allison, 20 years old
Submitted by: Her best friend
Location: Columbus, GA
What's going on?: She dated a guy for 3 years and in those 3 years he cheated on her almost every month. She’s always been a very romantic person so she didn’t just want to give up on love and he kept telling her he’d change. She finally had enough and left him but she’s still dealing with insecurities. She’s thinking that she’s not enough, wondering what the other girls must have had that she didn’t and doesn’t, and she still cries about it at night. Its affecting her new relationships. Also her mom and dad are getting divorced because her dad cheated on her mom with a girl for over a year. She loves her mom (her mom is her best friend,) and her dad is still with the girl he cheated on her mom with so whenever she sees her dad she has to deal with the woman (and her 3 children) that ended her parents relationship. She’s not sure how to battle her insecurities in order to have a healthy new relationship and she’s not sure how to deal with her family either. She could just use some words of encouragement by other strong women.
What do you love most about this girl?: She’s beautiful but doesn’t know it, funny, selfless, always puts others before herself and wants to help anyone, she’s very passionate, she always has a smile on her face even if she’s dealing with the whole world on her shoulders, she’s compassionate, super fun to be around, and the kindest soul you’ll ever meet, anyone that meets her loves her.

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Letters Needed: 15

Allison, 18 years old

Name: Allison, 18 years old
Submitted by: A friend
Location: Lake Elmo, MN
What's going on?: Allison is a senior in high school who has had to fight tremendous adversity. She survived brain cancer when she was a child, and early in 2018, it was discovered that she has adrenocortical carcinoma, a rare aggressive form of cancer, that has spread to other parts of her body. Allison has had a kidney removed and she is such a fighter. She deserves some love and support! She is the bravest person I know.
What do you love most about this girl?: Allison is such a beautiful sweetheart. She is incredibly positive despite all that she has gone through, and she loves the Lord. Allison wants to go to cooking school, and she loves to cook and bake, play board games, and spend time with her family.

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Letters Needed: 15

Zion, 11 years old

Name: Zion, 11 years old
Submitted by: Her mother
Location: Madison, AL
What's going on?: She is very nervous about her 6th grade math and French classes. She’s extremely smart but needs motivation for the classes that are more challenging. She is also a little anxious about her body changes and needs confidence boost in her body image. Zion does not feel confident in her abilities in math but she is doing much better!
What do you love most about this girl?: She is so bubbly and creative! She’s a natural at putting fashionable outfits together! She loves to style her hair in creative styles. She is a great dancer and singer. She sang solo for Winter concert in her choir.

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Letters Needed: 15

Livvie, 19 years old

Name: Livvie, 19 years old
Submitted by: Her sister
Location: Columbus, OH
What's going on?: Livvie is a freshman in college, and while she’s adjusting beautifully, it’s still an adjustment. She’s currently applying to nursing school and won’t find out whether she gets in until June. She’s rushing a sorority, but hasn’t really found firm footing socially. She knows and hopes that everything will be okay, but she needs some encouragement from someone who’s been there while she waits for these things to come to fruition.
What do you love most about this girl?: Livvie is the chillest girl you’ll ever meet. She’s humble about her accomplishments, and is the kind of person who will work all night and wake up the next morning without being grumpy or complaining. She quietly but fiercely goes about her life. She’d never complain even while she’s anxious.

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Letters Needed: 15

Molly, 21 years old

Name: Molly, 21 years old
Submitted by: Her mother
Location: San Diego, CA
What's going on?: She is currently in her second year of college and feeling quite lost. She is unsure of exactly what the future holds and that is making her very anxious pretty regularly. She is an incredibly intelligent and sweet young woman and I want to help her build the confidence she deserves.
What do you love most about this girl?: She is so adventurous and kind. She is always going out of her way to help other people and wants everyone around her to feel loved and happy. She’s always looking for a new adventure, whether it’s through ocean kayaking, rock climbing, or exploring with her dog.
Anything else you want to tell us? She lost her father when she was 16 years old and has really struggled with grief.

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Letters Needed: 15

Sarah, 16 years old

Name: Sarah, 16 years old
Submitted by: Her best friend
Location: Missouri City, Texas
What's going on?: She moved to Texas after living in Chile and Peru for a long time and she’s been at my school in Texas from 6th- 10th grade now. She found out her family has to move back to Chile and she has to move schools halfway through high school. She is really sad but trying to cover it up.
What do you love most about this girl?: I love her ability to listen, her voice (singing), and her kindness

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Letters Needed: 15