Caroline, 22 years old

Name: Caroline, 22 years old
Submitted by: Her friend
Location:  Columbus, OH
What's going on?: She just finished up most of her classes in December and is now working full time while taking a couple online classes. The transition into the adult world has been really tough for her- she's had anxiety throughout the process. Throughout the semester, she's had a concussion, gotten laryngitis, been in a minor car accident, and had intense job training. She's not very close to her family either (that lives 8-9 hours away in Pennsylvania) so she doesn't have a lot of parental (or elder) support. She's strong so she keeps it together but I know she feels like a completely mess.
What do you love most about this girl?:  She's such a fierce bad ass girl. She's an incredible trailblazer that fights for what she believes in and the people she believes in. She's a strong woman and so loyal.
Anything else you want to tell us? I do not want any mention of faith, God or religion in my letter.

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Letters needed: 5