Here at The Letter Project one of our main focuses is creating a sense of community where women and girls can be reminded that they are not alone. We are united by our life experiences as women and as human beings in general. We are firm believers that we are stronger together. Today I am thrilled to tell you about one of our supporters who shares a similar mission: Fawn Design.

Fawn Design is a proud supporter and partner of The Letter Project. The founder of Fawn Design, Jenny Wecker, wanted to create products by women and for women with the goal of, “empowering moms and women everywhere.”

At the start of 2019, Fawn Design launched #WeAreWeCan, a campaign that hopes to, “create a platform for women all over the world to share their stories and help inspire and strengthen others. In order to foster a strong sense of community, Fawn Design encourages women to submit personal stories of struggles and challenges that they have faced. The #WeAreWeCan campaign sheds light on the many stressors, pressures, and role expectations that come along with being a woman in today’s society. Some of these stories detail the struggles and challenges of infertility, eating disorders, postpartum depression, sexual abuse, and anxiety and depression.

By visiting their website, you have the opportunity to read and watch interviews with the women of #WeAreWeCan. The interviews discuss how these brave women are working to overcome their struggles, often by embracing the support and hope provided by other women. Additionally, the women discuss things that have helped them find the strength to heal, such as writing. The women provide insightful advice and words of encouragement for fellow women and readers in general.

Overall, the goal of this campaign is to share experiences and help women all over the world realize that, “WE ARE not alone—together WE CAN do anything….WE ARE strong, and together WE CAN overcome anything.”

Be sure to check out Fawn Design’s latest campaign, #WeAreWeCan. While you are at it, do not forget to check out their gorgeous bags and accessories, as well as their blog!

YOU can help empower women by sharing your story. If interested, please send your story to wearewecan@fawndesign.com

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