FAQs About Letter Requests:

Who can request to receive letters?

Any female who is going through a tough time. Literally. Any girl. 

Many women request letters for themselves. Many requests are submitted by moms, friends, therapists, mentors, teachers, etc. 

What is considered a tough time? 

We don't limited requests to anything specific. We understand that something might be hard for you and easy for someone else, or vice versa. Our role isn't to dictate what is hard, but instead support you through it. 

In the past, we've written letters to women and girls who:

  • Are struggling with an eating disorder
  • Are having trouble making friends
  • Are feeling lonely or sad
  • Have been diagnosed with an illness
  • Are doubting their faith
  • Need a reminder that she is enough

What is the recipient age range?

The majority of our recipients are being 6 and 26, but we do not restrict the recipient age range.

How long will it take to get the letters?

Please give us four weeks to write you letters. We know we live in an instant world, but we believe in the power of a handwritten letter and hope it will be worth the wait.

Can the recipient write back?

Sure! She can write back to the address on the letter. We read every reply! However, please be sure she knows this is not a pen pal service and we cannot guarantee a reply.

What will the recipient receive? 

10 to 15 letters of encouragement from women around the US (and Canada!).

What if the recipient needs additional help?

We offer one-on-one coaching for women and girls who need a little bit of extra support. 

What if I'm not a Christian?

At its core, Project to Love Ourselves is a Christian organization. However, we firmly believe that every girl, regardless of religion, deserves to feel loved and known. If you do not want us to mention faith or God, simply check the box on the form to opt out of religion being mentioned.  

FAQs About Our Writers:

Who is sending the letters?

We are a group of 1,400+ women writing from around the world. We believe in you!

What is the writer age range?

The writers must be at least 18 years of age. We sometimes host events with young writers, but ask that you please reach out to us to discuss these events. 

How often are you required to write?

There is no requirement. If you want to write five letters one week and no letters the next week, that's great! You can write at your own pace, in the comfort of your home. 

What if I have bad handwriting?

That's OK! We promise. You, no matter what your handwriting looks like, are welcome here. We accept wisdom in all shapes and sizes.

Do you give the writers a template?

Yes. We send an age-appropriate template with every request. 

Do you review my letter before you send it?

Yes. We read every letter before it is sent to the recipient. 

FAQs about Project to Love Ourselves:

What is the point of this? 

This world can be pretty lonely sometimes. Our goal is to remind women that we are here for each other. We are not alone in it.

Can I host a writing event? 

Yes, please! We love Write Nights! Learn about them here

Can I donate?

Absolutely! We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit and are so grateful for donations. Learn more here