Megan Harris, City Courier


Location: San Antonio, Texas
Job: Doctor of Clinical Psychology/Owner of Wonder Working Designs/USAF Veteran
Could not live without:  Subscription Boxes (Totally addicted), Books, and the furry hooligans in my home! 
Why she wanted to be part of the Letter Project:  I ran across The Letter Project by accident but knew immediately it was something I wanted to sign up for. I had a life changing moment in 2014 when I traveled to Sierra Leone, Africa. During my two weeks there, we held a psychosocial camp for children to promote peace and forgiveness and I will never forget the first day I arrived at the camp. As I walked into camp, a little girl came up to me. She grabbed my hand and said "I'm Mari and I want to be your friend." Immediately, my heart melted. I looked around at all the kids and right there in that moment, the only thing I wanted was to wrap my arms around the kids and tell them they are loved, I am proud of them and I want to see them excel in life. I can't physically be everywhere, but I can definitely give of my time, money, and energy to make sure women and girls around the world know that the are loved, that they are strong, and that they are absolutely amazing just the way they are.