Sarah Browning, City Courier


Location: Atlanta, GA
Job:  Senior Recruiter, Direct Client Services
Could not live without:  Caffeine, my dog, salt water, candles, to-do lists. 
Why she wanted to be a part of The Letter Project:  I instantly fell in love with The Letter Project and feel so proud to be a part of it! Given my writing background and passion for helping women, I felt a connection with this organization from the time my friend introduced me to it. The Letter Project gives us a platform to pour love, confidence and support into girls & women around the world. The impact this kind of initiative can have is profound. Simple acts of kindness can jumpstart healing, foster hope, and ignite great change in others. To challenge a girl's self-doubt, to assure her she is strong enough to win her battles, to inform her she Matters, and to remind her she is Not alone-- It's an opportunity I'm incredibly grateful for each week.