Sarah Browning, City Courier


Location: Atlanta, GA
Job:  Senior Recruiter, Direct Client Services
Could not live without:  Caffeine, my dog, salt water, candles, to-do lists. 
Why she wanted to be a part of The Letter Project:  I instantly fell in love with The Letter Project and feel so proud to be a part of it! Given my writing background and passion for helping women, I felt a connection with this organization from the time my friend introduced me to it. The Letter Project gives us a platform to pour love, confidence and support into girls & women around the world. The impact this kind of initiative can have is profound. Simple acts of kindness can jumpstart healing, foster hope, and ignite great change in others. To challenge a girl's self-doubt, to assure her she is strong enough to win her battles, to inform her she Matters, and to remind her she is Not alone-- It's an opportunity I'm incredibly grateful for each week. 

Meghan Weir, City Courier


Location: Vancouver Island, Canada
Job: Self Love Catalyst and Empowerment Coach
Could not live without: LOVE, nature, yoga, soul-siblings and my golden retrievers!
Why she wanted to be a part of The Letter Project: My soul mission in life is to love and empower women to step into their greatness and own who they are. When I first learned about the letter project, I knew instantly that this is a cause that I had to be a part of. The Letter Project is in complete alignment with what my mission and vision is and is something that I am proud and honoured to be connected to. Changing the world one letter at a time excites me beyond belief.

Carly Zhang, City Courier


Location: Los Angeles, CA
Job: Senior Manager, Partnerships @ Intuit
One thing she could not live without: My family, dance parties, and chocolate chip cookies
Why she wanted to be a part of The Letter Project: I love the Letter Project and the mission behind it! Not only is it empowering and encouraging, but it is something easily done from anywhere at anytime. Being a working mom, I can appreciate opportunities to use my voice for good in a way that's flexible and works for me. This is an awesome organization, dedicated to spreading love and positivity!

Allie Ellison, City Courier


Location: Santa Monica, CA
Job: Sr. Research Analyst, Deltek
Could not live without: My family & coffee!
Why she wanted to be part of The Letter Project: The letter project speaks to my heart. I strongly believe in the mission of building up girls as they grow into women and empowering women to be their best selves. As women, we need to empower each other and the letter project facilitates that and builds a network of strong women!

Courtney Smith, City Courier


Location: Virginia
Job: Stay at home mom  and group exercise instructor
One thing she could not live without: Fresh air!
Why she wanted to be a part of the letter project: I believe so wholeheartedly in the vision and mission of The Letter Project.  There have been so many times when I have felt a little alone or misunderstood or down, and if I could have received letters of encouragement in those times, I know my heart would have been lifted.  I believe creating a tribe of women supporting and loving each other is one of the most influential and positive things we can do!  I am so thankful to be a part of this vision!

Megan Harris, City Courier


Location: San Antonio, Texas
Job: Doctor of Clinical Psychology/Owner of Wonder Working Designs/USAF Veteran
Could not live without:  Subscription Boxes (Totally addicted), Books, and the furry hooligans in my home! 
Why she wanted to be part of the Letter Project:  I ran across The Letter Project by accident but knew immediately it was something I wanted to sign up for. I had a life changing moment in 2014 when I traveled to Sierra Leone, Africa. During my two weeks there, we held a psychosocial camp for children to promote peace and forgiveness and I will never forget the first day I arrived at the camp. As I walked into camp, a little girl came up to me. She grabbed my hand and said "I'm Mari and I want to be your friend." Immediately, my heart melted. I looked around at all the kids and right there in that moment, the only thing I wanted was to wrap my arms around the kids and tell them they are loved, I am proud of them and I want to see them excel in life. I can't physically be everywhere, but I can definitely give of my time, money, and energy to make sure women and girls around the world know that the are loved, that they are strong, and that they are absolutely amazing just the way they are. 

Brea Neri, City Courier


Location: Washington, D.C. 
Job: Senior Manager, Communications, Junior Achievement of Greater Washington
Could Not Live Without: My family, my little tuxedo kitty, Jack, and ice cream! 
Why she wanted to be part of The Letter Project: When I first learned about the Letter Project, I immediately knew I wanted to get involved. The concept resonated with me because I believe strongly in the power of women helping women as well as the power of positivity. It's a seemingly small gesture that can make a huge impact on the recipient. I'm thankful that I can be a part of something bigger than myself and pay it forward through the Letter Project. 

Anna Williams, City Courier


Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Job: Senior Associate, Eli Lilly and Company
Could not live without: Ice cream... I have a ridiculous addiction. 
Why she wanted to be part of The Letter Project: As an avid letter writer (I still have a pen pal today!) I believe PTLO letters have the opportunity to truly change a person's life, not just in a moment but as something one can return to for encouragement time and time again.

Anastasia Huffman, City Courier


Name: Anastasia Huffman
Location: San Antonio, TX
Job: Odd Job Extraordinaire (Admin, Childcare, Woodworking)
One thing she could not live without: A Ponytail Holder- Texas is HOT!!
Why she wanted to be part of The Letter Project: I want to be a part of The Letter Project because I wish there was something like the letter project when I was younger. I love being able to send a glimmer of love to these young ladies. 

Rachel Kevehazi-Schultz, City Courier

Location: Wichita, KS

Job: Event Coordinator at Love of Character 

Could not live without: My sense of adventure, because life always brings it

Why I want to be part of The Letter Project:  I believe in girl power!  We have the ability to lift each other and thrive when we work through the hard stuff together.  As a mama of two little ladies, I want them to have a supportive network should they ever need encouragement. 

Debbie Byrne, City Courier


Location: Santa Monica, California

Job: Accountant

Could not live without: SUNSHINE! I love being in the sun, it makes me happy.

Why she wanted to be part of The Letter Project: PTLO holds a dear place in my heart and I can really connect with its mission. I wish when I was going through my tough years there was a group of women like The Letter Project to help me through the rough times.

Dana Lester, City Courier

Location: Portland, OR

Job: Wellness Program Coordinator at Quality Health Solutions

Could not live without: My dog, he is the cutest, most annoying little partner-in-crime. He's rowdy, snugly, and fluffy!

Why she wanted to be part of the Letter Project: I am passionate about raising women up, and encouraging others to be their best self. As I grew older, I became aware of the barriers women put on themselves as well as what society puts on us. I want to encourage, build confidence and remind women that WE ARE AMAZING, and we can accomplish anything.