Mikhaila Besida, Campus Courier


Location: Bowling Green State University

Job: Nanny/Full time student

Couldn’t Live Without: Writing, good music, Jesus, and hot tea

Why I wanted to be part of the Letter Project: I have loved writing letters my whole life, I feel like they hold so much positivity and love and power in something so simple as a piece of paper. When I heard about the Letter Project I knew I wanted to join and add to the positivity it brings to girls all over the country. I love that this project is faith based and it encourages women to support, encourage, and pray for each other. I cannot wait to see what all this project accomplishes and how far the love can spread.

Maria Racadio, Campus Courier


Location: Miami University 

Job: psychology, criminology, and philosophy of law student 

Could not live without: my sweet dog, Charlie! 

Why I joined: I have gone through hardships in my life and receiving a package of letters like this would’ve meant the world to me. I have always maintained an attitude that everything happens for a reason, and I believe that God wants me to take my own experiences and what I have learned through adversity and spread my love and advice to others. This seemed like the perfect outlet to do just that. 

Emily Camarato, Campus Courier


Location: Kent State University

Job: Fashion Merchandising/Fashion Media Student

Could Not Live Without: Books (especially poetry!!), Starbucks coffee, my two Persian cats, and my AMAZING support system (all of my best friends, sisters, and family!)♡

Why I wanted to be a part of TLP: I am extremely positive and LOVE making other people smile/laugh! When I heard about this BEAUTIFUL organization from my best friend, I had to get involved. This was exactly what our campus needed! There is nothing better than girl power!! I absolutely love how simple words of kindness and encouragement can be so powerful. I truly hope this chapter can help brighten some lives around our community and all over the world. 

Annika Nelson, Campus Courier


Location: Indiana University

Job: Business Student

Could not live without: Salad bar and pajamas

Why she wanted to be a part of The Letter Project: There is something special about receiving a handwritten letter when you are going through a hard time. Over the years, my friends and I have written letters here and there to each other during tough times. The impact of those letters was amazing!! I love being a part of an organization that can spread the feeling of acceptance, support, and love to girls all over the world.

Abby Cronin, Campus Courier


Location: University of Cincinnati

Job: interior Design Student/Design Intern

Could not live without:  Coffee and Prayer :)

Why she wanted to be part of the Letter Project:  As soon as I heard about The Letter Project, I knew that this was the opportunity I had been searching for to be a part of something greater then myself.  The world has so many stereotypes of what 'the perfect woman' is, but there is no perfect woman, we are all beautifully flawed.  I love that this is an organization rooted in faith and that it encourages girls and women to be their best selves. The power of positivity is so real!!