How Can I Help?

People (you, amazing people!) often ask us how they can help with Project to Love Ourselves and The Letter Project.

First of all, thank you for the offer. We are a super, duper lean organization. We gladly and gratefully accept assistance! Below we’ve outlined current needs based on giving inclinations.


I Want to Give My Time!

Be a Reader for The Letter Project

Come on over to our HQ in Atlanta to help us read, bundle and sort letters. You can come as frequently as you'd like (or even just once). We ask that you sign up in two-hour increments. In exchange, we will make you coffee. Email us to schedule a time!

Host a Write Night for The Letter Project

The volume of Letter Requests we’re getting is really high, which is awesome! We’d love your help keeping up with it by hosting a Write Night. Grab friends to share coffee, wine or snacks while you write letters to women around the world. Learn a little more about Write Nights. 

I Have Skills to Give!

Web Design

We are looking for someone to build a new, more comprehensive website. If you are skilled in this area, we’d love to talk to you! Email us to chat!


We'd love your help creating a promotional video for The Letter Project! Email us to talk!


I don't have time, but I'd love to give money!

Shop our Amazon Wish List

As our Letter Requests continue to grow, we’d love your assistance with providing supplies. Check out our needs right here. Thank you!

Want to Help In a Different Way?

We welcome your ideas and skills. Feel free to let us know if you think there's something else you could offer. Our motto is collaboration over competition and we gratefully welcome your support!

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