Vivian, 8 years old

Name: Vivian, 8 years old
Submitted by: Friend
Location:  McDonough, GA
What's going on? Vivian has many siblings, and therefore she often feels like she has to prove herself. She is often showing off, and sometimes gets herself into trouble. She could really use some reassuring that it's important that she loves who she is and then others will love her too. She is the youngest of all her siblings as well, so as the "baby", she often tries to act older than she is. The main point that I think would be great to have in her letters would be to love who she is, and who God created her to be! 
What do you love most about this girl? Vivi is the funniest little girl. I have so many videos of her just being so goofy! When I'm with her, she makes me belly laugh to the point of my stomach hurting! She is so athletic, and determined to do whatever she puts her mind to. 
Anything else you want to tell us? Vivi is such a little sunshine in everyone's life, and she should know that. 

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Letters Needed: 10