Addie, 10 years old

Name: Addie, 10 years old
Submitted by: She is my best friend's daughter
Location: Cincinnati, OH
What's going on? Addie is an incredibly smart and gorgeous girl. She is in very difficult classes at school and handles them like a champ. She is wise beyond her years! She has a younger 7-year-old brother, Jameson, and she is an awesome big sister. To go along with her smarts she is extremely athletic. She swims, plays lacrosse, soccer, and runs among other sports. She loves to read and recently has knocked out the Harry Potter series. She loves her dog Haddie too. She is the epitome of what every parent wants in a child. I love her SO much!
What do you love most about this girl? Addie is a spunky and upbeat girl who you can't help but love. She has a carefree coolness about her that you wish you could embody yourself. She does not get tied up in technology and truly enjoys being a kid. She loves school; she is super smart and really flourishes in the challenge of tough classwork. She does not get involved in the typical little girl drama. She is a superstar!
Anything else you want to tell us? I just want her to know how awesome and loved she is.

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