Bailey, 17 years old

Name: Bailey, 17 years old
Submitted by: Her boyfriend
Location: Acworth, GA
What's going on?: She is a beautiful and smart girl who cant see it in herself. Bailey easily loses confidence easily when someone puts her down. She has been struggling with depression since she was about 13. Her smile lights up my world and I hate to see when she is down.
What do you love most about this girl?: I love that she is a smart person. She is a really beautiful and has really pretty curly hair. She is a joy at parties and is really lovable and social. She is a great leader. She is very caring and puts people before herself. She is very sweet but also has a tang of sass in her. (Don't tell her I said that). She is a mini Shakespeare and a great writer. She is actually the best!

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Letters Needed: 10

Alek, 28 years old

Name: Alek, 28 years old
Submitted by: Her sister
Location: Columbia, SC
What's going on?: Alek is a new mom! She has one baby boy, Hampton, and two big dogs.. and a very demanding full time job. I'm not sure how she does it (she never complains). She recently told me she has postpartum depression, so I think she could use words of encouragement.
What do you love most about this girl?: She has a heart of gold. She is the best mom. She has had a lot on her plate and is a warrior through it all. She hasn't had the easiest of lives, but she handles every challenge with determination and never gives anything less than her best.

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Letters Needed: 10

Chelsea, 26 years old

Name: Chelsea, 26 years old
Submitted by: Her
Location:  Fairport, NY
What's going on?: I've been battle with anxiety and minor depression the past year or so. I could use some words of encouragement for starting a new position and complete switch at my job, which I am overwhelmed with along with interfering in my personal life with my fiancé. I'm nervous to fail and not do well in my new position; however, there has not been much guidance. Additionally I have issues in my personal life that are interrupting my daily "joy" and sunny outlook I used to have. Attempting to balance everything has me stressed out on a daily basis.
What do you love most about this girl?: I like who I used to be -- happy, go-getter 24/7. I'm working on improving myself but I seem to be struggling.
Anything else we should know? I do not want any mention of faith, God or religion in my letter.

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Letters Needed: 10

Nikki, 20 years old

Name: Nikki, 20 years old
Submitted by: Her friend and roommate
Location: Bloomington, IN
What's going on?: Nikki was sexually assaulted by an old high school teacher last year, and since the incident she has been really sad and confused. She may have to speak at a trial in the spring, which she is really nervous about. It was really hard for Nikki to decide whether to report the incident or not, but she decided that it would be a good way to prevent something like this from happening in the future.
What do you love most about this girl?: It was really courageous of her to report the incident. Nikki cares a lot about others and she is incredibly selfless. When she is in a good mood, Nikki is really infectious to be around. She is a great listener, funny, and wants to help others. Nikki wants to be a kindergarten teacher for an inclusion classroom (kids with and without disabilities) in the future.
Anything else we should know? After the incident, there was a lot of media coverage, which was really hard for Nikki. The person who assaulted her accused her and a few others of exaggerating the story (which was not true). Students at the high school also posted a lot about the incident, which was really hard.

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Letters Needed: 10

Leah Grace, 12 years old

Name: Leah Grace, 12 years old
Submitted by: Her mom
Location: Jesup, GA
What's going on?: Leah’s dad & I divorced when she was 1. Although she visited him often and he's a part of her life, they never really bonded. He has a girlfriend now & Leah has moved way down on his list of priorities. She sees how close my husband is to his daughter, who just moved in with us, & Leah is hurting because she doesn't have a strong close relationship with her dad. He drinks a lot so he doesn't leave his house much to do things like shopping with Leah. It hurts my heart because he’s a good person, but not a good Dad to our daughter. I want her to know that she's worthy & deserves his love & attention.
What do you love most about this girl?: Her smile! She always smiles at people. She's smart, very responsible and independent. She's beautiful. A cheerleader, softball player & loves make up.

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Letters Needed: 10