Meredith, 11 years old

Name: Meredith, 11 years old
Submitted by: Her mother
Location: Charleston, SC
What's going on?:  My daughter is going into seventh grade and she has been dealing with major anxiety issues. She has been talking to a therapist which seems to be helping but she still goes into anxiety attacks which break my heart. Her major anxiety issue is making friends which doesn't come easy to her.
What do you love most about this girl?:  Meredith is one of the most caring individuals I know. She would do anything for anyone. She is very sensitive to others.

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Patricia, 19 years old

Name: Patricia, 19 years old
Submitted by: Her best friend
Location: Flowery Branch, GA
What's going on?:  When she  was 8, she experienced something terrible and it tore her family apart, unfortunately she's been suffering the repercussions to this day. She has so many friends and so many people that love her, but unfortunately she can't see it that way. She's having an incredibly hard year, and in result has decided to transfer colleges.   she struggles greatly with self image and jealousy, she has trouble realizing how beautiful she is, and finding her worth and God.
What do you love most about this girl?: she has the best laugh. It's infectious, she is the most passionate person I know, and I'm lucky to call her one of my best friends. She is hilarious and loves music, God blessed her with an exquisite voice. I want her to feel important and start over at her new school! I want her to move beyond her struggles!
Anything else you want to tell us?: She's sensitive about the  subject of God, so try not to overdo it, sometimes i just turns her off from a conversation. She LOVES LOVES music and Harry Styles!

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Kaylee, 20 years old

Name: Kaylee, 20 years old
Submitted by: Her good friend/ roommate
Location: Summerville, SC
What's going on?:  She struggles with self-value, wants to do better but finds herself stuck in the same stuff that she's trying to get away from. She struggles to stay motivated for school also. She is trying to grow in her new walk with God.
What do you love most about this girl?: She is the bubbliest little person I have ever met. Her fiery personality is rivaled only by her hair, and she has so much live for her friends.
Anything else you want to tell us?: She will be my roommate this year, and I love her so much! I feel like an older sister to her!

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Louise, 30 years old

Name: Louise, 30 years old
Submitted by: her friend
Location: Bristol, United Kingdom
What's going on?: Louise is a lovely lady. I have know her since we were 16. We have lived together and experienced lives highs and lows together. She has had a crazy time this past year. She has bought a house with her boyfriend and was chuffed about that. She recently got engaged, in Marrakesh just after her 30th birthday and that is lovely. She is looking for a new home in Worthing to make her marital home and hopefully bring up some babies in. She is having a hard time of t lately. She is nervous about moving away to her new area without a job. She doesn't enjoy her job as a teaching assistant and has been struggling to find a new direction. She has wanted to be a mum for years, but her fiancé is not ready and this gets her down. Her younger brother committed suicide October 2016 and I don't think she is doing so well with this.
What do you love most about this girl?: Her best qualities include always being positive, being lovely company, enjoying a good cuppa, being a good friend, always being up for a road trip, not Tallinn badly of others, a lover of dance- she has all the moves. She has a lovely smile and always makes you feel at ease.
Anything else you want to tell us?: She is a lovely girl and could really use a big hug right now. We spoke on the phone a few days ago.. She was telling me the offer on their new house had been accepted but she had no joy in her voice about this. She seemed a bag of anxiety and I really feel for her. We don't live close anymore but speak often, so I am unable to give her the big Hug I would so like to. Please send her some love and positivity.

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Britany, 17 years old

Name: Britany, 17 years old
Submitted by: Her mother
Location: Decatur, AL
What's going on?: My husband and I are in full time ministry and she is now at her 4th school and is an upcoming senior. She has put the bubble around herself of not getting too close to friends because of the fear of moving away.  She has such a amazing heart but doesn't see her self worth.
What do you love most about this girl?:  Her smile! She truly has a passion for children and people.
Anything else you want to tell us?: She really needs encouragement. She has friends but always seems to push them away when it looks like they can get close. She is so use to closing off her feelings

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Greice, 30 years old

Name: Greice, 30 years old
Submitted by: Her best friend
Location: Cork, Ireland
What's going on?: Greice moved to Ireland from Brazil after she completed her BA Fine Arts (Distinction) with the hope of expanding her horizons and discovering more about herself in the process. She knew nobody here. She worked numerous subsequent retail jobs and worked hard. This was never appreciated - she held down two jobs (one of them where we met, in a shitty retail environment) while completing her MA Art History and getting top marks in her thesis, despite this not being in her native language). She soldiered on like a trooper, even after getting let go, with 3 days notice after one of these shops unexpectedly closed. After putting up with these horrible working environments and the strain of working so hard Greice's mental health suffered. She was being bullied and overworked by a company that didn't realise the amazing person they had in their clutches. She had a mental break, severe anxiety, her OCD came back with a vengeance and she would barely leave the house. It was touch and go and It was awful to see her like this. She quit the job that was making her ill and took illness leave and to this day is still on these benefits. However, little by little she's fighting her way back to her old self, shaking off what she went through at these jobs and slowly starting to become herself again, she's got more tattoos, an undercut and is slowly morphing into her best self...she's even in the process of drafting her PhD Proposal on Female Artists in war-torn Bosnia and representation of sexual violence through art. I'm so proud to be her friend and I would love the opportunity to show her some of the love and respect that this beautiful, amazing woman deserves after 5 years of hell.
What do you love most about this girl?:  Greice is firecracker, her spark may have been dimmed for a while, but slowly her flame is reigniting (with the help of some good Finnish metal and a few risque tattoos). I love her for everything she is, but mainly its her dark twisted sense of humour. Even when she was in a heap on the floor she was still able to lift her head, laugh, and swear like a sailor while making fun of herself. She also always makes an effort for her friends - you could think you were just popping into hers for a coffee, and instead she'll have a fondue pot, chocolate fountain and full cheese board complete with sangria and a RuPaul marathon planned (true story). In short, she's the best - and I'd love her to hear that from someone other than me.
Anything else you want to tell us?: Greice is a staunch feminist - the best kind with a wide range of idols - she loves Kat Von D, Sons of Anarchy, Caitlin Moran, Ru Paul, Metal and Lady Gaga - anything referencing these or quoting them is bound to make her smile enough to ease her anxiety even for a second. That's what I hope the outcome of these letters will be. I do not want any mention of faith, God or religion in my letter.

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