Anna Williams, City Courier


Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Job: Senior Associate, Eli Lilly and Company
Could not live without: Ice cream... I have a ridiculous addiction. 
Why she wanted to be part of The Letter Project: As an avid letter writer (I still have a pen pal today!) I believe PTLO letters have the opportunity to truly change a person's life, not just in a moment but as something one can return to for encouragement time and time again.

Anastasia Huffman, City Courier


Name: Anastasia Huffman
Location: San Antonio, TX
Job: Odd Job Extraordinaire (Admin, Childcare, Woodworking)
One thing she could not live without: A Ponytail Holder- Texas is HOT!!
Why she wanted to be part of The Letter Project: I want to be a part of The Letter Project because I wish there was something like the letter project when I was younger. I love being able to send a glimmer of love to these young ladies. 

Rachel Kevehazi-Schultz, City Courier

Location: Wichita, KS

Job: Event Coordinator at Love of Character 

Could not live without: My sense of adventure, because life always brings it

Why I want to be part of The Letter Project:  I believe in girl power!  We have the ability to lift each other and thrive when we work through the hard stuff together.  As a mama of two little ladies, I want them to have a supportive network should they ever need encouragement. 

Savannah Lickteig, City Courier

Savannah lickteig.JPG

Location: Kennesaw, Georgia

Job: Nanny, Psychology major and yoga instructor (in training!)

One thing I couldn't live without: COFFEE! and my husband Brady

Why she wanted to be part of The Letter Project: I think the letter project is just the absolute best thing. It is so helpful for girls and women of all ages because everyone needs to be reminded that they ARE enough and they ARE loved! This project does just that and so much more! 

Sally Pearson, Campus Courier

Location: Indiana University

Job: Marketing Student

One thing she could not live without: My best friends

Why she wanted to be part of the Letter Project: Everyday, the people we love the most encourage and support us, but being able to feel this same encouragement from complete strangers can restore someone's compassion for themselves and strengthen their faith, giving them the perspective they need to heal and grow. Anyone, anywhere can make a simple difference, even if it's just writing letters from school, work, or home!

Erika Arakawa, Campus Courier

Location: Indiana University

Job: Business Student 

One thing she could not live without: Her friends and car, Helga

Why she wanted to be part of the Letter Project: Handwritten letters are so meaningful, especially when they are filled with kinds words and encouragement. One of my favorite quotes is from Mother Teresa: "Love is a fruit in season at all times and within reach of every hand." The Letter Project cultivates love not only within local communities, but also among all women worldwide.

Debbie Byrne, City Courier

Location: Santa Monica, California

Job: Accountant

Could not live without: SUNSHINE! I love being in the sun, it makes me happy.

Why she wanted to be part of The Letter Project: PTLO holds a dear place in my heart and I can really connect with its mission. I wish when I was going through my tough years there was a group of women like The Letter Project to help me through the rough times.

Sara Catherine Floyd, Campus Courier

Location: University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL

Job: Student majoring in Chemical Engineering

Couldn't live without: La Croix sparkling water

Why she wanted to be part of The Letter Project: I came across TLP through a friend on Facebook and I thought it was such a great idea I signed up immediately!! Once becoming a Campus Champion because an option, I knew I wanted to do everything I could to promote the spread of TLP to my campus! 

Dana Lester, City Courier

Location: Portland, OR

Job: Wellness Program Coordinator at Quality Health Solutions

Could not live without: My dog, he is the cutest, most annoying little partner-in-crime. He's rowdy, snugly, and fluffy!

Why she wanted to be part of the Letter Project: I am passionate about raising women up, and encouraging others to be their best self. As I grew older, I became aware of the barriers women put on themselves as well as what society puts on us. I want to encourage, build confidence and remind women that WE ARE AMAZING, and we can accomplish anything.

Abby Cronin, Campus Courier


Location: University of Cincinnati

Job: interior Design Student/Design Intern

Could not live without:  Coffee and Prayer :)

Why she wanted to be part of the Letter Project:  As soon as I heard about The Letter Project, I knew that this was the opportunity I had been searching for to be a part of something greater then myself.  The world has so many stereotypes of what 'the perfect woman' is, but there is no perfect woman, we are all beautifully flawed.  I love that this is an organization rooted in faith and that it encourages girls and women to be their best selves. The power of positivity is so real!!